Blue Neighbourhood


“Leave this blue neighbourhood, never knew loving could hurt this good.”

Blue Neighbourhood is an album by South African born Australian based youtuber singer Troye Sivan.

This album makes me feel relaxed and chill whenever I listen to it. It has an electro-dream pop vibe which is my thing. Troye wrotes sappy song so whatever you’re mood is, you can listen to it.

Don’t forget to listen and buy the album! 🙂


“I have a lot of feelings and I feel them in a very intense and raw way.”

Twin Koi

Last week I turned 22 and to be completely honest this is the first time I have replied “actually yeah I do feel kind of different,” when asked that cliché birthday question “wow *insert age* do you feel any older?” It could be partly because a lot has changed this past year. I completed my third year of my four year bachelors degree (and my next semester’s thesis is weighing heavily on me already OMG,) I obtained my very first job related to my field as an assistant to two world renown photographers, entered into the sixth year of my relationship, and started paying for my very own phone bill. If paying for your own phone bill is not some serious adulting then I don’t know what is.

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